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  • GameZone - [8/10] Review with screen shots. "The puzzles and gameplay are challenging enough to keep you on your toes, but also streamlined logically enough into the storyline to make it a fun and relaxing play."
  • Brass Lantern Review - Rated 4/21 by Stephen Granade. Harsh review citing reviews and previews "horrendous problems" and response from Karma Labs.
  • Applelinks Review - Rated 2/5 by Kirk Hiner. "There\\'s nothing exceptionally reviews and previews wrong with Adventure at the Chateau d\\'Or (save reviews and previews for the music), but there\\'s also nothing new reviews and previews here to inspire gamers."
  • UHS Review - Rated 1/5 by Frank Nicodem. "The lack of any significant reviews and previews story line, non-intuitive nature of the puzzles, difficulty in navigating reviews and previews through the game, tedious repetition of needless actions, and annoying reviews and previews character interactions make the game's brevity q

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