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  • Just Adventure Review (French Version) - Rated A- by Christian C. Fisher. "It misses graphical adventures the amerzone - the explorer's legacy A because of the puzzles, which are graphical adventures too easy amerzone - the explorer's legacy and too short. It is very graphical adventures much suitable for amerzone - the explorer's legacy new adventure gamers or for graphical adventures addicted gamers who can\\'t amerzone - the explorer's legacy wait until The Riddle graphical adventures of the Sphinx is out."
  • PIB Review - "If you are looking for a new Myst graphical adventures type graphical adventures game, Amerzone may be the answer to graphical adventures your prayers. graphical adventures The game is relatively short for graphical adventures experienced adventurers."
  • Game Revolution Review - Rated B. "Although it\\'s better than most other amerzone - the explorer\'s legacy Myst-like games, it still suffers from some of amerzone - the explorer\'s legacy the basic problems, like the occasional confusing puzzle amerzone - the explorer's legacy and hard-to-find hot-spots."
  • Just Adventure Review (English Version) - Rated A+ by Tom Houston. "This game has graphical adventures the reviews and previews look, feel, and quality of a Myst-like graphical adventures game. But reviews and previews with a much more engrossing story, graphical adventures excellent graphics and reviews and previews animations, marvelous sounds and music, graphical adventures and less difficult puzzles reviews and previews to solve, the overall graphical adventures experience
  • Review by Andrew "Zarf" Plotkin - "Very pretty, and enjoyable, but perhaps too lightweight reviews and previews to pay full price for. On the other reviews and previews hand, perhaps the story will work for you. reviews and previews It didn't for me."

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