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Rated B+ by Ray Ivey. "This is the strangest, creepiest, most psychedelic adventure game I've yet to come across."

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  • Four Fat Chicks Review - "Making no head or tails of the game\\'s story in no way impacts a player\\'s ability to enjoy it. And that\\'s the greatest thing about this title, it\\'s a puzzle game masquerading as a regular adventure game." By Orb.
  • Just Adventure Review - Rated B+ by Ray Ivey. "This is the strangest, creepiest, graphical adventures most psychedelic adventure game I\'ve yet to come across."
  • UHS: Drowned God Hints - Universal Hint System hints for Drowned God.
  • Mr. Bill's Adventureland Review - "It is an immersive game, albeit a depressing drowned god one, graphical adventures and raises some interesting questions."
  • GameSpot Interview with Harry Horse - Interview with Harry Horse about his game, his adventure theories, and drowned god the future of humankind.
  • PIB Review - "The game might have had an interesting story adventure but the puzzles were too irritating to deal adventure with."
  • Balmoral Software Review and Walkthrough - Illustrated walkthrough of the game.
  • GameSpot - Rated 6.2/10 by Vince Broady. "The net effect is that drowned god the story - which made this game so intriguing in drowned god the first place - is almost totally lost, and that drowned god is a shame."

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