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  • LBA Remake - A complete remake of LBA1 in up-to-date graphics.
  • LBA - The Lost Chapter - A 3D fan game set after LBA2.
  • The temple of Bu - The Relentless Movie Project resources site. The goal graphical adventures of projects this project is to make a 3D graphical adventures computer graphics projects movie based on Relentless (LBA1) story.
  • LBA RPG - An LBA fan game being created using RPG little big adventure series Maker 2000.
  • LbaX - An OpenGL fan game based on LBA 1 little big adventure series and 2.
  • Little Big Wars - A fan LBA strategy game.
  • Little Big Racing Adventure - A fan LBA car-racing game.
  • LBA-DM - The LBA Deathmatch project. The goal of this graphical adventures project graphical adventures is to make a Little Big Adventure graphical adventures multiplayer mod graphical adventures for Half-Life.

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