D'ni Culture Myst Series Graphical Adventures

Websites about the D'ni culture, civilization, and language from the Myst series of games and novels.

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  • Guild of Linguists - An in-depth study of the D\\'ni language, with lessons on phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, and the number system, as well as the D\\'ni font for download. Also available in French and German.
  • D'ni Color Symbols - Analysis of the D\'ni color symbols used in Riven.
  • D'ni Linguistic Fellowship - A community and discussion forum for experienced and graphical adventures aspiring myst series D'ni linguists.
  • The D'ni Restoration Council - An independent, informal group of individuals whose main d\'ni culture purpose myst series is to oversee the exploration and restoration d'ni culture of D'ni.
  • Guild Hall - Some information about D\\'ni history, government, guilds, letters myst series and myst series numbers. Also, Riven walkthrough.
  • Blackink Publishing - Telanis\\' writings and games are designed to encourage myst series you to puzzle out the language of the myst series D\\'ni. There is also a Myst-like Age rendered myst series in webpages to explore.
  • Interactive Pocket D'ni Encyclopedia - A program that translates D\\'ni, converts numbers, teaches d\'ni culture grammar, graphical adventures and tells the D'ni date and time.
  • The Guild of the Mechanists - Description of the D\\'ni number system and fan graphical adventures fiction myst series journal of another Age.

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