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A guide to Uru, with a FAQ, walkthrough, hints, and how to use a KI, as well as a resource library, image gallery, and downloads.

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Uru: Ages Beyond Myst* - Official site from Ubi Soft Entertainment. Includes screenshots, FAQ, and forums.

  • Uru Live: Canceled - Official letter from Cyan Worlds regarding the decision uru - ages uru - ages beyond myst beyond myst to take Uru Live offline.
  • Myst Online.info - The place to enjoy the episodes in Uru Live where you can create your pages, share your experiences, create your own story line
  • Gamespy: Path of the Shell Review - Review for Uru's second expansion pack.
  • Myst Online: Uru Live - Official site for on-line game available via Gametap.
  • URU Obsession - Fan site with multimedia, discussion forums, news and links.
  • Save URU Live! Petition - A petition to bring back URU Live, run uru - ages myst series beyond myst by URUobssession. With 2000 signatures in three days, uru myst series - ages beyond myst there must be a way to bring myst series back uru - ages beyond myst the game we had been myst series long waiting for.
  • Uru Glossary - A compilation of the names, terms and expressions used in Uru to help the novice player.
  • The Guild of Greeters - A guide to Uru, with a FAQ, uru - ages beyond myst walkthrough, hints, and how to use a KI, uru - ages beyond myst as well as a resource library, image gallery, uru - ages beyond myst and downloads.
  • GameFAQs - Game information and message board.
  • Uru: Complete Chronicles - Cyan\\'s official site for Uru and its first two expansion packs. Contains short summaries of the plot in the first three installments of Uru: Uru, To D\\'ni, and The Path of the Shell.
  • Gigagiggles-Bill Slease's Blog - Web log of Cyan Worlds\\' Bill Slease. Covers Uru and myst series topics beyond. Also links to blogs of other Cyantists, such myst series as Ryan Miller and greydragon.
  • Stratos Group Review - The Stratos Group

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