Reviews and Previews Pompei - The Legend of Vesuvius Graphical Adventures

Rated A-. "Pompei may not advance the technology beyond that previously found in its most recent predecessors, Egypt, China, and Aztec, but it is every bit as enjoyable to play and most certainly has a compelling story, terrific graphics, and logical

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  • Just Adventure Review - Rated D by Ray Ivey. "Pompei committed a pompei - the legend of vesuvius game's cardinal sin: it bored me to tears."
  • Mr. Bill's Adventureland Review - "Perhaps its greatest value lies in the dawning graphical adventures realization, pompei - the legend of vesuvius as you compare actual archeological photos to graphical adventures the game pompei - the legend of vesuvius itself, that indeed what you are graphical adventures looking at in pompei - the legend of vesuvius the game really is an graphical adventures exact re-creation of how pompei - the legend of vesuvius that particular house or graphical adventures that particular
  • Mini-review by Andrew "Zarf" Plotkin - Reviewer finds TimeScape realistically depicted, poorly written, and frustrating.

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