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A gategorization of all games and related Space Quest material created by commnity groups.

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  • Vohaul's Mines - An as of yet uncompleted AGI fan game graphical adventures set in the alternate "what if" story of graphical adventures SQ2.
  • Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back - An unfinished fan-make game, taking place after the graphical adventures events of SQ7. This game uses advanced SVGA graphical adventures graphics.
  • Space Quest 7: - A fan-game project featuring the talents of Space space quest series Quest 6 co-designer Josh Mandel.
  • Space Quest - The Lost Chapter - Official site for the unofficial freeware Space Quest fan games sequel.
  • Space Quest 0: Replicated - Includes downloads, hints, trivia, character database, interviews with fan games the fan games creators, and Easter eggs.

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