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"With Syberia, Benoit Sokal has created a gaming experience that will stay near and dear to your heart, regardless of whether you're an adventure newbie or a seasoned pro."

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  • Armchair Empire Review - Rated 8.9/10. "Not only is it an intriguing syberia series game, it\\'s also fun. It\\'s like a syberia series good book - one that you\\'ll want to syberia series return to again and again."
  • Mini-Review by Andrew "Zarf" Plotkin - "The parts it has right are quiet, smooth, reviews and previews unobtrusively right. The parts it has wrong are reviews and previews blatant, exasperating, annoyingly wrong."
  • Just Adventure Review - Rated A. "Syberia provides a huge dose of reviews and previews what adventure gamers are hungry for: a rich reviews and previews story, complicated characters, tons of puzzles and exploration reviews and previews of a series of beautiful and intriguing environments." reviews and previews By Ray Ivey.
  • GameOver Review - Rated 92%. "Syberia does just about everything right, and it\\'s syberia the best adventure I\'ve played since The Longest Journey."
  • IGN Preview - "Microids breathes new life into the adventuring genre."
  • Adventure Gamers Review - Rated 4.5/5. "This game is all about the reviews and previews story. Story and character." By Christina Gmiterko.
  • WorthPlaying Review - "With Syberia, Benoit Sokal has created a gaming experience that reviews and previews will stay near and dear to your heart, regardless of reviews and previews whether you\'re an adventure newbie or a seasoned pro."
  • Gamer's Hell - Rated 9.5/10. "Any adventure gamer should own this syberia series charming syberia series little gem of a game." By Andreas syberia series Misund Berntsen.
  • USA Today: Gamers Will Beg to Be Sent to 'Syberia' - "Introducing Syberia, a point-and-click adventure that marries traditional computer game syberia elements with breathtaking visuals and movie-quality music." Review by Marc syberia Saltzman.
  • Review by Jacqueline Lott and Sam Ashwell - "Looks like Savoir Faire, plays like Heroine's Mantle."
  • GamingExcellence Review - Rated 94%. "Microids\\' steps up to the plate syberia series and reviews and previews delivers one of the greatest adventure syberia series games of reviews and previews all time."

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