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"This game is great for exploration and for puzzle solving. I'd highly recommend it for any experienced adventurer who is looking for a real challenge."

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  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by Greg Crowe, score: 3 out of graphical adventures 5 and "Adventure Game of the Year".
  • Gamer's Hell - [7/10] Review by Andreas Misund. "This title actually reviews and previews reminded me of the classical detective shows on reviews and previews TV, and the puzzles you need to solve reviews and previews are both challenging and logical."
  • GameSpot - Review - Review with links to downloads, screenshots and user feedback. graphical adventures [6.9/10] "Still, fans of traditional adventure games will enjoy the graphical adventures puzzles and will likely be able to bear with the graphical adventures awful voice acting and the underdeveloped story."
  • Adventure Gamers Review - "Despite a few glaring deficiencies, The Watchmaker is a solid watchmaker, the game."
  • Adventure-Archiv Review - Rated 91%. "If you think you can cope watchmaker, the with the English version (with English sub-titles), you watchmaker, the shouldn\'t miss it."
  • PIB Review - "This game is great for exploration and for watchmaker, the puzzle watchmaker, the solving. I\\'d highly recommend it for any watchmaker, the experienced adventurer watchmaker, the who is looking for a real watchmaker, the challenge."

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