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Brimstone (1985), a real-time "electronic novel" by James Paul. Programmed by Synapse Software and published by Brøderbund. It is the Eve of All Hollows. Gawain, Knight of the Round Table, goes forth, summoned by Destiny. Across a moonlit plain, a shimmering xastle seems to beckon. On its parapets, a breath of breeze stirs a banner. The knight nears the massive door, knowing nothing of what awaits him behind those walls. Soon Gawain will discover what is known to men only in legends - or nightmares. And so will you. As the underdemon, bat-monkey-man, reaches out his gnarled and furry hand to yours, you catch a glimpse of his wild eyes. They are dancing red with the flickering fire of BRIMSTONE.

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