Shockwave Collections Browser Based Video Games

Offers a selection of Shockwave games including action, sports, mind, puzzle, and kids games. Includes jigsaw puzzles and free e-cards.

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See Also:
  • Skunk Studios - Selection of original games including Gutterball, QBeex, and Tamale Loco. Free versions online with more complex versions for sale.
  • Shockplay - Game community offering single and multi player puzzle, sports, and collections board games. Includes guest play, plus tournaments and leagues for collections registered members.
  • E-zug - Shockwaves games include Captain DJ, Runner, and Racer.
  • Netbaby, Fun - A collection of Shockwave games including browser based Whip-it browser based Bowling, Boatrace, Hi-jump, and Ninjagirl.
  • - Selection of 3D games including Gridlock 2003, Skybolter shockwave 3D, 3 shockwave Darts 501, and Piwi. Includes demos shockwave of upcoming games.
  • WeirdTown Gamebox - Game machine featuring Tetris, Apple, and Othello.
  • LifeSavers Candystand - Free online Shockwave sports and arcade games. Most collections games offer the chance to win prizes.
  • Shockwave Galore - Free Shockwave arcade games and puzzle games.
  • Lemonshake Webgames - Original Shockwave games including platformer, shooter, and puzzle. browser based Includes shockwave daily, weekly, and alltime highscores for each browser based game.
  • Jungy - Freedom for the grounded - Collection of free Shockwave games with a Gen-X collections attitude.
  • - Play free online games, game downloads, and multiplayer collections games.
  • Playtonium - Offers a selection of Shockwave games including action, collections sports, mind, browser based puzzle, and kids games. Includes jigsaw collections puzzles and free e-cards.

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