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Weblog focusing on game security and on the farming and sale of game valuables in online RPGs. Partial focus on Asia.

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  • Wikipedia: Category:Anti-cheat software - Collection of articles on different anti-cheat software packages.
  • PBBans - Offers a "Master Ban Index" among networked game servers.
  • SecurePlay - Offers programming libraries to incorporate anti-cheat measures which work even if the source code is compromised.
  • AntiCheat Inc - Battlefield 2142 and America\'s Army system administrator anti-cheat video games community.
  • Respected Admins - System administrator community dedicated to anti-cheating with a anti-cheating focus on anti-cheating Punkbuster supported games.
  • Wikipedia: Cheating in online games - Encyclopedia article covering types of cheats, implementations, and cheats and hints video games prevention methods.
  • PunkBuster - Anti-cheat software incorporated in some of the more video games popular video games online, multiplayer shooters, including the Battlefield series.
  • PunksBusted - Anti-cheat organization, supporting all PunkBuster enabled games. Home anti-cheating of the anti-cheating Auto-MBL, a large scale ban list anti-cheating system with thousands of anti-cheating member servers. Forums available anti-cheating in English, German, and French.
  • Counter Hack - Wiki offering resources to combat cheating in multiple anti-cheating games.
  • Wikipedia: GameGuard - Encyclopedia article covering the software, including criticisms.
  • Trick or Cheat - Article on the problem of cheating in multiplayer games and what is being done to combat it.
  • BBC News - Coverage of Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) in Counter-Strike.
  • GameGuard - Anti-cheat software from INCA Internet.
  • Wikipedia: Valve Anti-Cheat - Encyclopedia article covering anti-cheat measures used in Counter-Strike, anti-cheating Half-Life Multiplayer, video games and other games distributed on Valve\'s anti-cheating Steam platform.
  • PlayNoEvil - Weblog focusing on game security and on the anti-cheating farming and sale of game valuables in online anti-cheating RPGs. Partial focus on Asia.
  • DMW - Third-party anti-cheat software originally developed for "Medal of Honor: Allied cheats and hints Assault" and expanded to protect other games.

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