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Puzzle game that is really 10 different minesweeper games in one, as it features 10 uniquely designed minefields to choose from. By Norbyte formerly Addiction Interactive.

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  • Hearts - A simple version of the popular 4-player card shareware game.
  • Food Chain - The strategy-board game where cartoon creatures eat each other to survive.
  • Freeverse Software - Developer of entertainment software, specializing in card and downloads board games.
  • Reckless Drivin' - A action racing game where to control a shareware car from shareware above, looking down at a 2-dimensional shareware track. Race to the shareware finish, collecting mines to shareware blow up the enemy.
  • Lairware Software - Ultima III is a modern Macintosh update of downloads a classic shareware computer fantasy role playing game. Also downloads download a utility to shareware edit scenario and character downloads information, alternate portraits, and extra maps.
  • Polyominoes - Four games in one. In game mode, it downloads is a strategy game in which you try downloads to put the last piece on the board. downloads In challenge mode, find the winning move, jigsaw downloads puzzle mode and spanning puzzle mode.
  • Yipe Software - Fun and addictive, shareware role playing games for macintosh the Macintosh.
  • Manic Minefields - Puzzle game that is really 10 different minesweeper shareware games in downloads one, as it features 10 uniquely shareware designed minefields to choose downloads from. By Norbyte formerly shareware Addiction Interactive.
  • Mac Games and More - Primarily supporting Mac shareware and freeware applications and developers.
  • BrickShooter - New variants of BrickShooter for Mac OS 9 shareware and X, downloads Palm, Pocket PC, and PCs. shareware Shareware.
  • Evolutionary War from PhloSoft - Classic game of chess except for the fact shareware that pawns macintosh can asexually reproduce, thus generating slightly shareware genetically altered copies of macintosh them-selves.
  • Ultris - A Tetris clone for the Mac. It features 25 minutes shareware worth of music and some pretty cool graphics.

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