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Sites dealing with the latest Nintendo handheld, Game Boy Advance.

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Euro-Asia GameBoy* - Devoted to upcoming, as well as current, GameBoy Advance releases.
Nintendo Game Boy Advance* - Official site. Contains system, game, and company information.

  • How Stuff Works - Illustrated tutorial shows how the GBA works.
  • Game Boy Advance RPG Vault - News, reviews, previews, release dates and information.
  • Nick's Game Boy Advance Web Site - Includes system specifications, accessory information, a game list, console platforms images and a FAQ.
  • Neoseeker - News, reviews, codes and FAQs.
  • IGN - News, previews, reviews, walkthroughs, codes, release dates, editorials, and movies.
  • Game Boy Advance UK - Offers reviews, hints, previews, console description, movies, and nintendo screenshots.
  • GBA Hell - Offers daily news, cheats, reviews, and previews.
  • - User written reviews of the system and games.
  • M.J.'s GBA Website - Pictures and links to media.
  • GameSpy GBA - Offers game profiles, reviews, previews, screenshots, features, movies, and message boards.
  • Game Boy Advance Zone - News, Reviews, Previews, Codes, and Interviews for the Nintendo Game console platforms Boy Advance.
  • Game Boy Advance Threshold - Walkthroughs, cheats, previews, system information, upcoming games and polls.
  • GBA Gateway - Information and links.
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  • GameSpot - Offers recent games and updates.[RSS]

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