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Provides a detailed and humorous look at the history of the system along with many of its obscure promotional products.

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Editor's Picks:

NintendoAGE* - Comprehensive NES resource site made by collectors. Contains scans and information for every game and variant.

  • Triforce Gamez - Store for Nintendo NES games, systems and accessories.
  • NES World - Resource site for items related to NES and console platforms Famicom. Contains a history of NES and Famicom console platforms with original concept images.
  • MobyGames - NES - List of NES games with screen shots and reviews.
  • NESville - Consists mostly of NES-oriented humor. Home to nintendo "Print Scrn console platforms Abuse" and "Lost in Transration."
  • NES Player - Resource site containing a wide selection of NES nintendo and related console platforms product information, and images.
  • - A one-stop source for all of your classic nes console gaming needs. News, reviews, forums, and walkthroughs nes are available here.
  • NES Tech Info and Demos - Hardware technical information, demo programs, source codes, and programming tools nes to make NES games.
  • Nintendo - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Provides a detailed and humorous look at the nes history of the system along with many of nes its obscure promotional products.
  • Pegasus Gry - Polish site about the NES (in Poland it nintendo was called nintendo Pegasus).
  • World of NES - Tipa, codes, passwords, Game Genie codes, game endings, console platforms manuals, nes and reviews.
  • NESguide - Complete catalog of North American releases for the console platforms 8-bit system with many listings including archival gameplay console platforms video
  • Nerdtracker II - MS-DOS based music creation program designed to create actual 2A03 console platforms PSG tunes - aka NES / Famicom music.
  • Thundergod's NES Temple - Reviews, editorials, creative projects and mindless destruction.
  • Video Game Reviews: NES - Reviews for the Nintendo NES.
  • World Of Everything Nintendo - Site dedicated to the NES, with game reviews nes submitted by nes the site community.
  • RoyalRanger's NES Site - A site dedicated to the NES.

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