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Nintendo Wii* - Official site includes console software and hardware information, customer reactions, and company philosophy.

  • - Wii mod chip retailer offering installation service.
  • ShowMii - Mii caricatures of various celebrities.
  • NSider2 - Online community for Nintendo fans.
  • Nintendo Wii Directory - Directory of Nintendo Wii related websites.
  • Wii Cheats - Contains cheats, codes and hints.
  • MiiWiiWorld - Community site for Wii owners including an online nintendo wii forum, nintendo Mii gallery, and friend code exchange.
  • Wii Chat - Discussion forum. [Registration required to post.]
  • Wii Players Association - Online community for Wii fans. Organize and participate nintendo in online console platforms and offline tournaments.
  • Digital Trends: Nintedo Wii Review - Review of Nintendo\\'s new platform, "that you\\'ll have console platforms to console platforms try firsthand to believe."
  • Nintendo Customer Service: Wii - Official site for Nintendo Wii support. Includes online nintendo manuals, troubleshooting nintendo wii advice, and information for parents.
  • Miissenger - Community site featuring a Wii friend code exchange console platforms platform.
  • WiiKitty - Photos of cats playing Wii.
  • Nintendo Wii Stockists - Wii stock availability and price comparison service.
  • - Wii user community and Mii caricature database.
  • Wii Discover - Meet and share friend codes with other Wii users online.
  • Wii Save - Community-driven database of Wii game saves.
  • Wii Debate - Forum for the discussion of Wii games and hardware.
  • LovingWii - Community where you can find Wii news, game nintendo wii saves, and covers.
  • Wii Homebrew Blog - Developer blog covering Wii Opera SDK, HullBreach Online, console platforms and nintendo Wii Internet Channel.
  • - Contains community forums and reviews.
  • We Hack Wii - Site dedicated to Nintendo Wii homebrew and emulation.
  • Wii Users - Wii discussion with community interaction and forums.
  • The Wiikend - In-game photos comparing video quality of composite and nintendo wii component console platforms cable connections.
  • How About A Wii - UK-based blog focusing on domestic Nintendo Wii product nintendo wii shortages.
  • - Work out, lose weight, and play Nintendo Wii.
  • WiiWorldUK - Blog featuring Wii software news and player tips.
  • - Wii friend code database featuring a real-time user console platforms map.
  • Virtual Console Forums - Discussion of retro games available on Nintendo\'s Virtual nintendo wii Console.
  • WiiTalk - Discussion forum for UK gamers.
  • Nintendo Worlds - Active online community featuring game discussion and a nintendo wii friend code exchange.
  • Wikipedia - Encyclopedia entry detailing platform features, hardware, and history.
  • Mii Wii Games - Free games that can be played within the Wii Opera Browser.
  • Wiiff - Meet other Wii console owners based on game nintendo wii preferences, interests, or location. Exchange friend codes.
  • - Wii cheats and codes.
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  • WiiBlurb - Informative blog devoted to the Nintendo Wii.[RSS]
  • Wii Minute Radio - Internet radio show and podcast covering Nintendo Wii.[RSS]

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