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VMU stands for Virtual Memory Unit, also referred to as VMS; Virtual Memory System. They are slightly larger than a matchbox and have a small LCD screen and controller pad on one side. They are primarily used for saving Dreamcast games, but also have the facility to run games on their own LCD screen.

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See Also:
  • VMU Script Compiler - VMU Script is a new language for the sega VMU that dreamcast compiles to assembler. It is powerful sega and easy to program.
  • VMU Space Invaders - The site contains the VMU Space Invaders game. Also has free source code to the game as well as useful VMU programming links.
  • The Dreamcast Browsers Group - Only place to find browser add-ons scripts (run sega from the dreamcast VMU) for the Dreamcast Browsers. Also sega the home of the dreamcast world\'s first open-source VMU sega file uploader.
  • booyaka.com: VMU Development - Tools, saved games, mini-games, discussions, technical information and dreamcast downloads for dreamcast the Dreamcast Virtual Memory Unit.
  • Sega dreamcast VMU development tools - Focused on Dreamcast VMU development. Information, tools to vmu download, and examples.
  • VMU demo and game development - Information and software for DC Visual Memory Unit.

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