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Information and resources for Sega's first worldwide available video game system, the Master System.

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See Also:
  • Jadeite's Sega Master System Museum - Links, game screen-shots and packaging scans and hardware master system packaging sega and promotional material images. Linear navigation.
  • SMS Forever - History, reviews of the top-five games of all-time. master system master system Includes pictures, a message board, and a master system voting poll.
  • Sega Master Site - Personal site for trading games.
  • Sega Master System Museum - Game screen shots, user reviews, FAQs, hardware information sega and images, console platforms magazine ads, japanese game ad movies, sega personal collection, links.
  • GameFAQs: Master System - FAQs, codes, message boards, reviews and game data.
  • SMS Tributes - Offers game database, cheats, screenshots, reviews, and downloads.
  • Wonderboy Land - Space Station - The first Wonderboy fan site in the world to offer sega you exclusive downloads. Very well designed sie.
  • Wikipedia: Sega SG-1000 - Information on the Sega Game 1000 includes history, emulation, and console platforms versions.
  • MobyGames - Sega Master System - List of games with screen shots and reviews.
  • SMS Power - News, ROMs, old releases, forum, and links.
  • UK Sega Master System Page - History, information, specifications, a FAQ, and links.
  • The Console Legend Sega Master System - Sega Master System Revival site providing game downloads, sega full reviews, master system competitions, midi\'s, frequent updates, and members sega lists.
  • Sega Master System Land - Reviews, history (Mexican perspective), magazine articles, box scans, high scores, master system top 10 game lists, links and personal sale/trade/wants.
  • The RetroVault - Offers cheats, downloads, and images.
  • Master System Selection - UK game box and cart variations, Brazilian Tec sega Toy SMS game box scans and screen shots.

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