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  • Mistaril - Developer of the game Space Station Manager for video games the PC.
  • Malfador Machinations - Creators of Space Empires I - IV, an developers and publishers developers and publishers epic space strategy game.
  • Massive Entertainment - Develops interactive games for PCs and mobile communication developers and publishers developers and publishers devices.
  • Mekada - Developer of value-priced video games. The makers developers and publishers video games of "Snap-on Gearhead Garage".
  • Metro Graphics - Developers of Britney's Dance Beat.
  • Mediamond - Developer of Deluxe Ski Jump.
  • Monkey JAVA Studio - Multimedia design studio serving video game developers. Character m design, concept art, storyboarding, game art and animation.
  • Morphonix - A multimedia software company with a focus on video games children.
  • Moonpod - Developer of Starscape for the PC. Includes message board, developers and publishers reviews and store.

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