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  • Nikita Company - Developers of Iron Strategy.
  • New Breed Software - Publishes free software for UNIX, X-Window, the World n Wide Web, n and Atari 8-bit computers. Located in n Davis, California.
  • n-Space, Inc. - Developer of Danger Girl, Die Hard Trilogy 2, and the video games PSX Duke Nukem: Time to Kill.
  • Neuron Entertainment, Inc. - Developers of Mind Shift, and Hammer Pixie.
  • Neutron Star Productions - Make 1st person shooters for Windows 95/98, and levels for developers and publishers Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith.
  • NovelSoft - Swedish game developer.
  • - Publisher of massively multiplayer online games including MapleStory, video games Audition, video games KartRider, and Mabinogi.
  • Crash: New Generation feature - An article on New Generation Software from Crash, June 1984.
  • NTN Communications - Publishers of QB1, and trivia games.

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