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Collections of freeware games that are available for download.

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  • Free Games 8 K - Small downloads for Windows 95/98. Each game is selected for free quality and quick download: all games are under one MB.
  • AllianceWeb - Windows titles with description and ranking categorized by genre. free A top ten list shows you the most popular downloads.
  • NoNags - A large Windows selection with reviews, downloads, and free links.
  • PC Gaming - Includes a number of freeware downloads which include collections a game collections description and screenshots.
  • - Subscribe to download Windows, Shockwave, and Java.
  • Download Full Games - Free registration allows you to download over ten thousand MS collections DOS, Spectrum, Amiga and Commodore 64 complete games and emulators.
  • Cyberland - Categorized selection of downloads for Windows with short free reviews.
  • Free Windows Games - Free games, screen savers and wallpaper for Windows.
  • Games-Bot.Org - Over 500 categorized titles with screenshots and description collections for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • The Kumars - Downloads for Windows with descriptions.
  • Vdweller's Games - Several original freeware games created by Vdweller.
  • Game Album - Free action, arcade, puzzle and board games downloads.
  • Wingames Collection 98 - Several original versions games such as \\'Othello\\', \\'Blip\\', free \'Poker Machine\', collections and 'Yahtzee' for Windows.
  • My Little PC Games - Offers downloads of Pong and Snake remake games.
  • Free Games Only - Playables for DOS and Windows, some with short descriptions.
  • Mindgames - Card, board and miscellaneous games for Windows that free are primarily downloads puzzle based and varied in objective.
  • - A small set of Windows titles with sizes, downloads descriptions, and free links to screen shots.

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