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  • ContactMusic - Review (PlayStation 2) - Review, by staff: "...a good start with some freekstyle room for freekstyle improvement." [Score: 8 out of 10]
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by Alex Fitzgerald, score: 4 out of 5.
  • - Reviewed by Gerald Villoria, score: 4 out of freekstyle 5. "EA motorcycle BIG\\'s Freekstyle is the fastest thing freekstyle you\'ll find on a motorcycle purple console." [GameCube]
  • Freekstyle (PS2) - Reviewed by Zach Meston, score: 3 out of 5. "EA Sports Big applies the SSX formula to the world of motocross racing with enjoyable, but frustrating, results." [PlayStation 2]

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