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[8/10] Reviewed by Rita Courtney. "The only real problem I saw with the game is the load time." Also includes screen shots.

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  • IGN.com: 1nsane - [7.1/10] Reviewed by Anthony Chau. "And while 1nsane racing might be 1nsane fun when you initially fire it racing up, this game is 1nsane anything but "1nsane." Also racing includes screen shots.
  • GameZone.com: 1nsane - [8/10] Reviewed by Rita Courtney. "The only real racing problem I driving and racing saw with the game is the racing load time." Also includes driving and racing screen shots.
  • insane heat - Offers 1nsane information plus downloads and user forum.
  • GamePro.com: 1nsane - Reviewed by: Human Tornado. "Overall, Insane is a driving and racing racing decent deal for thirty bucks." Also includes screen driving and racing racing shots.
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by Jevon Jenkins, score: 4 out of 5.
  • GameSpot - [7.6/10] Reviewed by: Giancarlo Varanini. "Overall, though it 1nsane has a 1nsane few problems and takes some getting 1nsane used to, 1nsane can 1nsane be a very enjoyable 1nsane off-road racing experience." Also includes a 1nsane preview, downloads, 1nsane and hints.
  • GamersHell.com - [8.666/10] "A Definite winner, Online gaming is a driving and racing huge success on this one..." Also includes screenshots.

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