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[4.0/5] Reviewed by: Major Mike. "Burnout's a debatable purchase-but a definite must-rent-for fans of the genre." Also includes screen shots. (Playstation 2)

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  • Cheat Code Central - Contains regular and game shark codes.
  • GameSpot - [8.0/10] Reviewed by: Shahed Ahmed. "one of the racing most intense and entertaining racing games on the racing PlayStation 2, complete with tight controls and impressive racing graphics." Also includes hints, screen shots, and reader racing reviews. (Playstation 2)
  • The Electric Playground - [7.5/10] Reviewed: Jules Grant. "It is fun for racing a little burnout series while."
  • GameSpy - [83/100] Reviewed by: Tom Chick. "...ultimately a bit burnout series superficial...does a good job of capturing the thrill burnout series of the chase and the joy of wrecks." burnout series Also includes screenshots. [Playstation 2]
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by Chella Ramanan, score: 4 out of racing 5.
  • Gaming Nexus - [8.9/10] Reviewed by: Charlie Sinhaseni. "When it comes to straight burnout series up racing games on the Xbox, this is as good burnout series as it gets." (Xbox)
  • eLook - Includes cheats and codes. (Gamecube)
  • Contactmusic.com - [8.5/10] "If you\\'re a fan of arcade racing burnout you should buy Burnout 2 even if you burnout have the original." Also contains screenshots. (Playstation 2)
  • Realm of Gaming - Offers cheats and codes.
  • GamePro.com - [4.0/5] Reviewed by: Major Mike. "Burnout\\'s a debatable burnout series purchase-but burnout a definite must-rent-for fans of the genre." burnout series Also includes burnout screen shots. (Playstation 2)

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