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See Also:
  • Spray Shop - Skins, cars, links, cheats, files and link to carmageddon ii - carpocalypse now the forum.
  • Toshiba-3 Network - Carmageddon II development. Editing, modifications and research.
  • Tribute to Carmageddon 2 - A video tribute to the game. Also links to related files and sites.
  • Savage Elve - A site with add-ons and tutorials for Carmageddon carmageddon ii - carpocalypse now 2.
  • HUBBA 99 - Three cars made for Carmageddon 2.
  • Bud's Cheats For Carmageddon 2 - Codes, hacks and files for Carmageddon and Carmageddon carmageddon ii - carpocalypse now 2.
  • Kitteh's Kool Karmageddon Too - A Carmageddon 2 website with skins, reviews, recommendations, carmageddon series links, carmageddon ii - carpocalypse now tutorials.
  • GameSpot - Coverage of the game includes screen shots, review, carmageddon ii - carmageddon series carpocalypse now and news.

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