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[7.2/10] Reviewed by: Ryan Davis. "...hindered by a few unfortunate technical and design issues." Also includes screenshots, downloads, cheats, and reader reviews.

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See Also:
  • Nintendojo - Reviewed by Eric Mattei, [7.5/10]. "XGRA looks average."
  • Gaming Age - Reviewed by Ernie Halal, [C-]. "Upon further inspection it\\'s actually slower, sometimes much slower, less colorful and a lot less interesting."
  • eLook - Offers cheats and codes.
  • Nintendo World Report - Reviewed by Steven Rodriguez, [7.5/10]. "If only the weaponry was more balanced to better fit the racing action, this would be one hell of a racing title."
  • GameZone - Reviewed by Tha Wiz, [7.1/10]. "The game is pretty easy gamecube to run through due to the progression based on points gamecube rather than victories, and makes the game seem to get gamecube done with too quickly."
  • GameSpot - [7.2/10] Reviewed by: Ryan Davis. "...hindered by a extreme-g series few gamecube unfortunate technical and design issues." Also includes extreme-g series screenshots, downloads, gamecube cheats, and reader reviews.
  • IGN - Reviewed by Matt Casamassina, [7.5/10]. "Tight, if heavy control, a extreme-g series seriously improved weapon system that makes for a lot of extreme-g series fun, and the insane tracks that XG fans have come extreme-g series to expect from the franchise."

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