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Review, by David Smith: "By a fair margin, this is the worst Ridge Racer we've played." [Score: 2.5 out of 10]

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  • GameSpy DS - Review, by Ryan O\\'Donnell: "While it\\'s by no means perfect ridge racer series or innovative, Ridge Racer DS brings much of the fun ridge racer series of 3D arcade racing to the handheld arena." [Score: 3.5 ridge racer series out of 5]
  • GameSpot - Review, by Jeff Gerstmann: "Even though players will get a kick out of the game\\'s ludicrous take on drifting, Ridge Racer DS has too many flaws to stand out from the pack." [Score: 6.6 out of 10]
  • 1UP - Review, by David Smith: "By a fair margin, this is ridge racer series the worst Ridge Racer we\\'ve played." [Score: 2.5 out of ridge racer series 10]
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  • GamePro - Review, by Four-Eyed Dragon: "Past the whacked out ridge racer ds racing controls, Ridge Racer does offer some cool visuals."

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