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Reviewed by: Louis Bedigian, score 6/10. "Not as good as Crazy Taxi, but if you ever wanted a taxi driving game that you could play with a friend, here it is." (Xbox)

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  • GamePro - Reviewed by: Major Mike, score 2.5/5. "Road Rage reviews and previews is yet another example of the promising license reviews and previews gone to waste." (PlayStation 2)
  • GamersHell - [4/10] Reviewed by: Johnny K. "...a huge disappointment reviews and previews in general." Includes screenshots. (Gameboy Advance)
  • PlanetPS2 - Reviewed by: Russell Garbutt, score 39%. "Road Rage reviews and previews racing looks and plays as if Homer himself coded reviews and previews racing it." (PlayStation 2)
  • IGN - Reviewed by: David Zdyrko, score 5.1/10. "Just because reviews and previews reviews and previews you love both The Simpsons and Crazy Taxi, reviews and previews reviews and previews doesn\\'t mean you\\'re going to like this game." reviews and previews reviews and previews (PlayStation 2)
  • The Electric Playground - Reviewed by: Chris Hudak, score 75%. "An excellent-looking, simpsons road rage, simpsons road rage, the the perfect-sounding, perfectly-playable arcade game." (GameCube)
  • - [60/100] Reviewed by: Ray Barnholt. "...overall too shallow simpsons road rage, the to be worth a solid purchase to anyone." simpsons road rage, the Includes screenshots. (Gameboy Advance)
  • Game Zone - Reviewed by: Dylan Parrotta, score 7/10. "More stale reviews and previews simpsons road rage, the than Apu's old donuts." (PlayStation 2)
  • Game Revolution - Reviewed by: Duke, score C+. "Just a copy of Crazy Taxi." (PlayStation 2)
  • Nintendojo - Review of GameCube version by Neil Aschliman. "A weekend may be enough for most, as the flaws of unimpressive graphics, brief-lived audio humor and questionable control are substantial." Score: 6.6 out of 10.
  • GameSpot - Reviewed by: Amer Ajami, score 6.2/10. "[Its] control problems prevent racing this from being recommendable to all but the most die-hard racing of The Simpsons fans. " Also includes screenshots, hints, and racing reader reviews. (PlayStation 2)

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