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[8.3/10] Reviewed by: Omni. "...a fun ride with two or three frustrating bumps along the way..." Includes screenshots. (Xbox)

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  • GameSpot - Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions - [6.8/10] Reviewed by: Jeff Gerstmann. "...lack of gameplay wreckless series depth, driving and racing drab physics, and annoying mission design all wreckless series get in driving and racing the way of what could have wreckless series been a fantastic, driving and racing action-packed driving game. " Also wreckless series includes screenshots, hints, downloads, driving and racing and re
  • eLook - Offers cheats and codes. (Gamecube)
  • GameSpy.com - [86/100] Reviewed by: Derek Collins. "...a great time that shows wreckless series off the powers of the Xbox. However, this game is wreckless series single-player only..." Includes screenshots. (Xbox)
  • GameSpot - [5.4/10] Reviewed by: Ryan Davis. "...you should still probably give this one a rental before you consider buying it." Includes hints, downloads, screenshots, and reader reviews. (Gamecube)
  • The Armchair Empire - [8.3/10] Reviewed by: Omni. "...a fun ride with wreckless series two or three frustrating bumps along the way..." wreckless series Includes screenshots. (Xbox)

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