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[8.9/10] Reviewed by: Angelina Sandoval. "...the game to buy if you're looking for rally racing done right." Includes screenshots. (Xbox)

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  • - Xbox version reviewed by Avi Fryman, score: 4½ out of colin mcrae rally series 5. "Rally \\'round the racetrack with a pocketful of change. colin mcrae rally series The latest installment of the stylish Colin McRae Rally series colin mcrae rally series boasts a low price tag and high replay value." Includes colin mcrae rally series screen shots
  • Game Zone Online - [8.9/10] Reviewed by: Angelina Sandoval. "...the game to colin mcrae rally 04 buy if you\\'re looking for rally racing done colin mcrae rally 04 right." Includes screenshots. (Xbox)
  • Gamespot - [8.8/10] Reviewed by: Alex Navarro. "... every bit simulations as good as its most recent predecessor, and simulations in many ways, it\\'s quite a bit better." simulations Includes screenshots and reader reviews. (Xbox)
  • Colin McRae Rally 04 - Information about the cars and tracks, including setups simulations recommendations. colin mcrae rally 04 Also includes links, screenshots and downloads.
  • SoundBlaster - Tim Bartlett, Audio Manager for Codemasters, discusses creating the audio for the game.
  • 3D Avenue - [90/100] Reviewed by: Simon Hutchinson. "If you like colin mcrae rally colin mcrae rally series 04 rally games and you own a PS2 then colin mcrae colin mcrae rally series rally 04 you simply must try [it]..." Includes screenshots. (Playstation colin colin mcrae rally series mcrae rally 04 2)

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