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[5.8/10] Reviewer: Frank Provo. "For first-timers, the game will require familiarity with handling adjustments and...a significant time investment indeed." Includes hints, screenshots, and reader reviews. (PlayStation)

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  • - [87/100] Reviewed by: Andrew S. Bub. "...not only a great racing game, but it\\'s actually better on the Xbox than anywhere else." Includes screenshots. (Xbox)
  • GamePro - Review [4.5/5]. Includes screen shots. [Xbox]
  • Team Xbox - Reviewed by Steve Barton [8.3/10]. "No matter what reviews and previews nascar thunder 2002 kind of racing fan you are, you’ll discover reviews and previews nascar thunder 2002 at least one aspect of this title that reviews and previews nascar thunder 2002 grabs a hold of you." Includes screen shots.
  • GameSpot - [8.2/10] Reviewed by: Frank Provo. "...for realism buffs and purists, nascar series NASCAR Thunder 2002 is where it\\'s at." Includes hints, screenshots, nascar series and reader reviews. (PlayStation 2)
  • Xbox Exclusive - Reviewed by Pete Calderwood [8.8/10]. "NASCAR Thunder 2002 reviews and previews nascar thunder 2002 on the Xbox is the overall best looking, reviews and previews nascar thunder 2002 sounding, and playing NASCAR game to date, for reviews and previews nascar thunder 2002 any gaming system." Includes screen shots and gameplay reviews and previews nascar thunder 2002 movies.
  • Game Revolution - Reviewed by Johnny Liu [Grade: B]. "The attention nascar thunder 2002 to detail, from the realization of 43 cars nascar thunder 2002 to the breadth of 23 tracks, should make nascar thunder 2002 any NASCAR nut proud." Includes screen shots. [Xbox]
  • Sports Gaming Network - Reviewed by James Smith [82/100]. "It\\'s the best-looking nascar series NASCAR nascar thunder 2002 racer on any of the next generation nascar series consoles...The AI nascar thunder 2002 is solid most of the time, nascar series but there are nascar thunder 2002 instances where you get clipped nascar series for no known reason." nascar thunder 2002 Includes screen shots. [Xbox]

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