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This category is a comprehensive list of PC Engine and TurboGrafx emulators for many platforms.

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See Also:
  • RiscPCE - An old, open source emulator for RiscOS. Maintained by Paul pc engine Clifford.
  • XPCE - "DirectX PC Engine Emulator". An open source, FPCE-based emulator for Windows (PC-AT/PC-98). Maintained by Hmmx.
  • TGEmu - An open source emulator for BeOS, DOS, MacOS pc engine and Windows. Maintained by Charles McDonald.
  • GPengine - A full speed PCengine emulator for GamePark\'s GP32 handheld.
  • PC2E - An open source emulator for Windows/MinGW.
  • FPCE - "Free PC Engine Emulator". An old, open source pc engine emulator pc engine for DOS (PC-AT/PC-98) and PlayStation. Its source pc engine code may pc engine still prove useful to curious developers. pc engine Maintained by Bero.
  • Ootake - A freeware emulator for Windows.

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