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Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulators or tools and resources for emulating these.

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See Also:
  • confusionGBx - A freeware emulator for Windows.
  • PlayGuy - A freeware emulator for Windows.
  • NO$GMB - Shareware emulator for DOS and Win32.
  • GEST - An open source emulator for Windows.
  • Gambatte - Open source emulator for Linux, MacOS, and Windows.
  • BGB - A freeware emulator for Windows.
  • QuantumGB - Freeware emulator for DOS.
  • GameKnight - Open source emulator for Windows written in C#.
  • HelloGB - Freeware emulator for Win32.
  • GBMac - Shareware emulator for MacOS.
  • Victoly Boy - Freeware emulator for MacOS.
  • GEM - A freeware emulator for MSX-DOS2 written in assembly.
  • BoycottAdvance/SDL - Multi-platform emulator available for Linux, BeOS, WIN32 and nintendo FreeBSD.
  • Virtual GameBoy - Commercial emulator for Win32 and freeware emulator for emulation AIX, FreeBSD, Irix, Linux, MacOS, OS/2, OSF/1, Solaris, emulation and SunOS.
  • TGB - Freeware emulator for Win32.
  • GEX - A freeware emulator for Windows.
  • cingb - Open source emulator for DOS and Unix.
  • Phoinix - An open source (GPL) emulator for PalmOS.
  • KiGB - A freeware emulator for DOS, Linux/i386, MacOS, and Windows.
  • Gngb - Open source emulator for Linux using SDL.
  • Game Lad - Freeware emulator/debugger for Win32/DX8.
  • GBE - Open source port for AmigaOS.
  • gnuboy/Dreamcast - An open source Dreamcast port of gnuboy.
  • KGB - Freeware emulator for Win32.

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