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This category focuses on websites with information and free software to download, which allows you to play Nintendo64 console video games on your PC or Mac. There is also content of interest to developers of such software. The purpose of this category is NOT to provide sources of copyright material, that includes "ROMs".

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See Also:
  • Project64 - Freeware emulator for Windows. Source code available for emulation older version.
  • EmuHelp - News, reviews and FAQs, chat and forums, mainly N64.
  • SixtyForce - A freeware emulator for MacOS.
  • Emulation64 - Next generation console emulation news.
  • Apollo - A freeware emulator for Windows.
  • Project64k - A freeware emulator for Windows with Kaillera support based on Project64.
  • Daedalus - An open source emulator for Windows.
  • UltraHLP - Official Site - Downloads, manual, FAQ, debug and compatibility information.
  • Mupen64 - An open source emulator for BeOS, Linux, MacOS nintendo 64 X, emulation QNX, and Windows.
  • The Company 2064 - 'SupraHLE' project, compatibility lists and INI files.
  • UltraHLE Alpha - An open source emulator for Windows based on UltraHLE.
  • 1964 - An advanced open source emulator for Windows.
  • Asm64 - Developer tool - multipass assembler for MIPS r4300i.
  • UltraHLE - Tribute Site - Media coverage and site archives.
  • TR Central - Unofficial Site - Downloads and compatibility lists for the True Reality nintendo 64 emulators.

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