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Emulators and emulation tools for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as Super Famicom and Super NES).

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SNES9x* - An open source emulator for Linux/Unix, MacOS, and Windows.
ZSNES* - An open source emulator for DOS, Linux, and Windows.

  • SNEM - An open source emulator for DOS and Windows.
  • SNEeSe - An open source emulator for DOS, GNU/Linux, Unix, and Windows.
  • SNESGT - Freeware emulator for Win32.
  • SNES Copier Info - Information and utilities for copying games.
  • DreamSNES - Dreamcast port of Snes9x.
  • Super Sleuth - A freeware emulator for Windows.
  • PushStart - Large collection of cheat files for use with ZSNES. Also nintendo features a large game database with screenshots.
  • Snes9xGP - An unofficial port of Snes9x to the Game super nintendo entertainment system Park 32 system.
  • SNES Emulator Review - Emulator reviews, chat room, discussion page, emulators, patches, super nintendo entertainment super nintendo entertainment system system and screen shots.
  • SNEmul - Freeware emulator for DOS and Linux/i386.
  • bsnes - Open source emulator for Linux and Windows.

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