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Reviewed by: Mr. Nash, 6/10. "If you're looking for a new game in this genre, keep on looking because this one isn't worth it."

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  • Game Revolution Review - "Even with all of its faults, Bloody Roar bloody roar series 3 still has its moments. There\\'s nothing like bloody roar series chomping on a little bunny or mauling a bloody roar series lizard for the win. Even getting a 50+ bloody roar series hit combo is usually a good reason to bloody roar series celebrate." Given a C by G-Wok.
  • Armchair Empire - Reviewed by: Mr. Nash, 6/10. "If you\\'re looking bloody roar 3 for a new game in this genre, keep bloody roar 3 on looking because this one isn't worth it."
  • Planet PS2 - "The animal changes are more than a simple gimmick, but it alone cannot provide the level of depth BR3 needs if it wants to be a real contender." Given an 80/100 by Benjamin Galway.
  • Game Pro Review - "Newcomers will be pleased, but for rabid fans, bloody roar 3 bloody roar series this is a mute Roar." Reviewed by Major bloody roar 3 bloody roar series Mike.
  • All Game Guide Review - "As a pure fighting game it doesn\\'t hold fighting a candle to such hits as "Dead or fighting Alive 2" or "Tekken Tag Tournament."" Reviewed by fighting Tom Carroll.
  • GameSpot: Bloody Roar 3 - Reviewed by Miguel Lopez, [5.5]. "The game is visually keen, bloody roar series and its pacing is marvelous, but its fighting system is bloody roar series remarkably slim, emphasizing one-button combos and nearly instant-kill supers." (PS2)
  • IGN Review - "Bloody Roar 3 is not the toe-to-toe equal of Soul Calibur or Tekken Tag Tournament, and it\\'s not as ambitious as DOA2 in some ways, but it\\'s undeniably fun as a solo or multiplayer game, and every so often it throws out a moment of serious graphical
  • Realm of Gaming - Offers cheats and codes.
  • Gaming Age Review - "This overall sense of quality, its accessibility to all levels bloody roar series of player, and the simple, visceral thrill of using a bloody roar series were-lion to maul a bunny rabbit in an abandoned museum, bloody roar series transforms BR3 an animal that is more than just the bloody roar series sum of its parts."
  • Electric Playground Review - "Despite its terrific particle-effect, motion-blur visual doodads, its fighting a rather simple game system, pointedly geared toward fighting casual and even first-time gamers." Rated 6.5/10 by fighting Chris Hudak.
  • GamersHell - Reviewed by Thomas D, 5/10, "Console owners have bloody roar series fighting always had a wide selection of beat em bloody roar series fighting up games"

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