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Reviewed by Official Xbox Magazine [9/10]. "The crowning glories of this slick fighting engine, though, are the all-new Fatalities."

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  • Gamers Temple - Rated 80%. "The game pays a lot of xbox tribute to previous games in the series, and xbox is thus a treat for most die hard xbox fans of the Mortal Kombat games."
  • Xbox Solution - Reviewed by Rich Reed, [8.5/10]. "Long time fans mortal kombat - shaolin monks are going to get the most enjoyment out mortal kombat - shaolin monks of this one that's for sure."
  • GameShark - Reviewed by Jeff McAllister, [A-]. "Mortal Kombat: Shaolin reviews and previews Monks has managed to pull off the feat reviews and previews of hopping its franchise from one genre to reviews and previews another very well, although nothing is perfect."
  • Game Chronicles - Reviewed by Mark Smith, [8.2/10]. " But it mortal kombat - shaolin monks only took a few minutes of playing to mortal kombat - shaolin monks see that this is a whole new vision mortal kombat - shaolin monks of the Mortal Kombat legacy."
  • Talk Xbox - Reviewed by Sallizar, [8.2/10]. "My first romp reviews and previews mortal kombat - shaolin monks in the Mortal Kombat universe has been great reviews and previews mortal kombat - shaolin monks fun."
  • Euro Gamer - Reviewed by Tom Bramwell, [7/10]. "Even so, Shaolin mortal kombat - shaolin monks Monks has taken aim at a sensible niche mortal kombat - shaolin monks and does a pretty good job of hitting mortal kombat - shaolin monks it."
  • GameDaily - Reviewed by Robert Workman, [4/5]. "Midway has given xbox the Mortal Kombat brand yet another reason to xbox stick around."
  • Team Xbox - Reviewed by Dale Nardozzi, [8.7/10]. "The story may reviews and previews xbox not make total sense, but the action is reviews and previews xbox fresh and furious. Gamers well versed in the reviews and previews xbox ways of the Flawless Victory should get a reviews and previews xbox kick out of Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks as reviews and previews xbox well."
  • Xbox Evolved - Reviewed by John Olin, [7/10]. "Finally, Midway has mortal kombat - xbox shaolin monks made a good non-fighting Mortal Kombat title. Follow mortal xbox kombat - shaolin monks the warriors of Earth as they battle xbox the mortal kombat - shaolin monks evil forces of Outworld, complete xbox with Mortal Kombat mortal kombat - shaolin monks mythos and nostalgia."
  • Computer and Videogames - Reviewed by Official Xbox Magazine [9/10]. "The crowning xbox glories of this slick fighting engine, though, are xbox the all-new Fatalities."

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