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Review, by Rob Semsey: "Spikeout does a fantastic job of bringing the true arcade feeling home." [Score: 7.9 out of 10]

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  • IGN Xbox - Review, by Douglass C. Perry: "The single-player mission, graphics, dialog, spikeout - battle street music, animation, AI, and level design are all so shockingly spikeout - battle street retro in all of the worst senses, that one wonders spikeout - battle street if this game weren\\'t really designed about 20 years ago spikeout - battle street and ju
  • GameSpy Xbox - Review, by Christian Nutt: "If you find yourself fighting playing it a month after purchasing it, well, fighting it\\'s time to dust your alphabetized Dreamcast collection fighting again, because you are a true Sega otaku. fighting That said, I had a great time catching fighting up with Sega via
  • TeamXbox - Review, by Rob Semsey: "Spikeout does a fantastic fighting job of spikeout - battle street bringing the true arcade feeling home." fighting [Score: 7.9 out of spikeout - battle street 10]
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  • 1UP - Review, by James Mielke: "The bottom line is fighting pick it spikeout - battle street up if 1) you can find fighting it, and 2) if spikeout - battle street you dig this old-school fighting kind of hootenanny." [Score: 7 out spikeout - battle street of 10]
  • GameSpot - Review, by Jeff Gerstmann: "People that are totally hooked on video games unlockables will find a lot of dudes to unlock here, video games and if you\\'re an absolute fiend for cooperative gameplay, it\\'s video games nice that the game offers it up, even though you\\'ll video games only get about two h

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