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Personal news, information on his book "Gameplay and Design", and links to UK game design related university courses.

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  • Jaquays, Paul - Contains a cv, news, art, game writing and designers maps by designers the Ensemble and ex-id designer.
  • Tørnquist, Ragnar - Designer of games such as The Longest Journey video games and Casper, and writer of Anarchy Online. Contains video games profile, projects, novels, short stories, and a weblog.
  • Spikything - Site of web and advergame designer Liam O\\'Donnell. video games Features links to games and a portfolio.
  • Warfield, Thomas - A Shareware Life - Weblog and personal site covering game designer and the shareware video games industry from the designer of Pretty Good Solitaire.
  • Robinett, Warren - Information on the man who designed Adventure for the Atari game design 2600.
  • Miller, Scott - Game Matters - Weblog discussing game design and the games industry.
  • Dave Taylor Consulting - Site of Carbon6 and former id designer Dave game design Taylor, video games offering game design and related consultancy services.
  • Wanger, Ryan - Resume and demo material, as well as some photographs and designers digital art.
  • Miyamoto, Shigeru - Miyamoto Shrine - Unofficial site dedicated to the Nintendo game designer. designers Features a biography, game reviews and a collection designers of interviews.
  • Littlejohn, Randy - Includes a resume, links, and a page on game design UFOs.
  • Fristrom, Jamie - GameDevBlog - Weblog covering game design, management, and coding by Treyarch designer and frequent Gamasutra contributor Fristrom.
  • Bleszinski, Cliff - CliffyB - Contains a weblog, rants, interviews, links and photos.
  • Kikuta, Hiroki - Angel's Fear - Contains news, profile, links, graphics and sounds.
  • Bastian, Ben - Fun and Games design, personal portfolio, discussion and designers useful game video games links.
  • Adams, Ernest W. - Writing and design resources by game designer, author video games and video games frequent Gamasutra contributor Adams.
  • McGee, American - Personal weblog of the Alice, Scrapland and video games former game design id designer. Also features a FAQ, links, video games and a game design forum.
  • Crawford, Chris - Erasmatazz - articles on game design and some related software game design by the designer of Balance Of Power.
  • Gilbert, Ron - Grumpy Gamer - Personal page of Ron Gilbert, designer of Secret designers of Monkey video games Island.
  • Romero, John - ROME.RO - Personal site of the designer of Doom and designers Quake. Contain designers photos, information on his games, and designers news.
  • Smith, Harvey - Witchboy's Cauldron - Weblog and articles on game design and Deus Ex.
  • Costikyan, Greg - Personal site by the designer of Paranoia. Contains game design a weblog, articles on video game and RPG game design design, links, and personal information.
  • Oxland, Kevin - Personal news, information on his book "Gameplay and Design", and video games links to UK game design related university courses.
  • Silverman, Ken - Personal site of the man behind Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow video games Warrior, and Blood.
  • Bartle, Richard A. - MUD and SMS game designer, and author of designers "Desiging Virtual Worlds". Features MUD related writings, designers personal information and some browser based games.

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