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Advice and tutorials for those that want to design and publish their own games. Detailed list of articles regarding breaking into the games industry.

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  • Game Design: Theory & Practice - A book by Richard Rouse III about computer video games and game design video game design.
  • - Tutorials, videos and downloads that enable users to modify assorted popular computer games such as Doom 3, Half Life, Soldier of Fortune and Call of Duty.
  • Dragolin's Guide to Eradication - A site about a free online turn based fantasy game video games called ARCHMAGE, with a guide, pictures and links.
  • - Practical articles on many aspects of the trade resources (business, design, resources management, technique) written by a game resources producer.
  • - Art packs (3d models, textures and content packs) resources are available for purchase that enable indie game resources developers to save development time. Frogames also offer resources customization services to game developers
  • Game Making Programs - Links and reviews of game making utilities.
  • - Thought provoking articles about game production, game design, video games and videogame history.
  • Game Design Depository - Resources and quotes from famous game designers and resources others.
  • Silence Between Words - Game design philosophy.
  • - Huge library of ultra-tileable and seamless textures for the professional resources 3D artist. Features "Build Your Own" collection for smaller or resources larger projects.
  • Gaming Ground Zero - An RPG games development site with resources such as sample video games world backgrounds, pixel art and an active forum.
  • Inspiracy Articles - A collection of articles on game design written resources by freelance game design game designer/producer Noah Falstein.
  • Game Development Resources - provides many articles, columns and features related to game video games development. Game industry jobs are also highlighted.
  • Gaming World - A games development site with many resources and tutorials for game design RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003.
  • KatsBits - Hints, tips and tutorials for 3D modelling and video games game editing, including level editing, modelling, textures and video games other modifications.
  • The Art of Computer Game Design - The entire book "The Art of Computer Game resources Design" by resources games industry veteran Chris Crawford published resources in HTML.
  • Game Programming - Game Programming provides sample games coded in C++, VC++, Visual video games Basic, and Java. Most zip files include, full game executables video games and source code.
  • Tom Sloper's School-a-rama - Advice and tutorials for those that want to game design design and publish their own games. Detailed list game design of articles regarding breaking into the games industry.

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