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Mobil Game development software company offering training courses in J2ME and pixel art along with porting, testing and outsourced development services in Chennai, India.

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  • Concrete Software - Develops and publishes mobile titles for J2ME phones, developers and publishers BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Palm OS, mostly card developers and publishers games but some Sid Meier's classics as well.
  • Capcom Mobile - Publishes games for mobile phones, mostly based on their popular mobile phones franchises.
  • Small Device - Offers consulting and technology services to mobile and developers and publishers wireless communities including product engineering and games development.
  • ZGroup Mobile - Developers and publishers of mobile content since 2002 with a catalogue featuring than 3500 mobile games from 200 different developers worldwide.
  • dbi Mobile Entertainment - WAP game provider.
  • Distinctive Developments - Developers of J2ME and Brew mobile games for mobile phones leading publishers such as EA and Namco.
  • Sorrent - Creator and publisher of connected, persistent, and character-oriented games for wireless and Internet-capable devices.
  • Hexolabs - Mobile game development company in India producing socially engaged titles.
  • GAMICA - Publisher of connected mobile games.
  • Indiagames - India-based mobile games publisher, mostly licensed titles from mobile phones comics, handheld platforms movies and TV programmes.
  • Gamelion Studios - European mobile game developer, porting and testing service handheld platforms provider.
  • Cosmic Infinity - Produces for wireless devices worldwide, including WAP, J2ME, mobile phones and Palm OS.
  • VirtualMaze SoftSys Pvt Ltd - Mobil Game development software company offering training courses mobile phones in mobile phones J2ME and pixel art along with porting, mobile phones testing and mobile phones outsourced development services in Chennai, India.
  • Flarb Development - Develops games and entertainment software for wireless platforms including BREW, developers and publishers J2ME, and WAP. Features company and game information.
  • Smackall Games - India-based mobile games developers providing porting services and multiplayer SDKs as well. Supported technologies include J2ME, Flashlite, Symbian and BREW.
  • Digital Chocolate - Mobile/PC game developers with original IPs in the casual genre.
  • Nikitova Mobile - Mobile development outsourcing services company headquartered in the mobile phones USA developers and publishers with production studios in Eastern Europe.
  • Exit Games - "Neutron" multiplayer platform enables multiplayer capabilities on mobile handheld platforms applications.
  • Morpheme - Wireless interactive entertainment services utilizing SMS, WAP, and developers and publishers handheld platforms Java.
  • Electronic Arts Mobile - Produces games for J2ME-equipped mobile handsets and iPods.
  • Gameloft - Creates games for mobile handsets equipped with Java, BREW or Symbian technology. Downloads are sorted by location, language and operator.
  • Venan Entertainment, Inc. - Publisher and developer of video games for cell phones and developers and publishers other portable platforms, based in Cromwell, Connecticut.
  • InstantCom - Focused on development of innovative data applications and handheld platforms entertainment developers and publishers services for mobile networks.
  • Magmic Games - Developer and publisher of mobile entertainment with over handheld platforms 70 mobile phones titles in action, sports, casino, puzzle, retro handheld platforms and multiplayer mobile phones games for BlackBerry, J2ME, Brew, Windows handheld platforms Mobile, and Sidekick mobile phones handsets.
  • Jadestone - Swedish developer of multiplayer games for mobile phones.
  • Elite Systems Ltd - Holds a broad array of arcade conversions from the 80s handheld platforms including Double Dragon, R-Type, Bomb Jack and so on.
  • Bitforge - Contract development of commercial quality games for mobile devices (Nokia, developers and publishers SonyEricsson, Samsung, Motorola, iPhone).
  • Butterfly Donuts - Develops Java-based games for download to mobile phones.
  • Small Planet - Develops and publishes mobile entertainment.
  • Game Play Mobile - Content aggregation services and technology support for mobile game developers.
  • Mr.Goodliving - Mobile phone games developer/publisher. Fully owned subsidiary of RealNetworks, handheld platforms they created the Playman series.
  • Playyoo - Community for developers and players of free user-generated mobile casual developers and publishers games written in Flashlite.
  • MoMode - A Singapore company that deal with FlashLite infotainment content.
  • PocketTorch - Symbian (S60/UIQ) mobile games developer.
  • EDGELIB game engine - Offers a multi-platform game engine on Windows Mobile mobile phones and Symbian for mobile devices.
  • Lunch Pocket Entertainment - Develops Symbian S60 games.
  • Gamevil - Mobile games producer with strong orientation towards one-button casual games.
  • IKS mobile - Creates and develops Flash Lite content - games, mobile phones animations mobile phones and applications for mobile infotainment.
  • Deviation LLC - Provides U.S.-based custom iPhone development.
  • Digital-Red Mobile Software - Developers of mobile games for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Pocket handheld platforms PC devices.
  • Cellufun - Developer of Java-based games.
  • Hudson Entertainment - Mobile/iPod/iPhone games publishers, North American branch of Hudson Soft, mobile phones owners the Bomberman brand.
  • Kalador Entertainment - Publishes games and entertainment services for mobile phones. mobile phones Specializes mobile phones in networked and downloadable games.
  • Itch Design Ltd - UK based mobile game developer of character-oriented games.
  • Smart Box Design - Developer and publisher of strategy and puzzle games mobile phones for mobile users. Platforms include PalmOS and Windows mobile phones Mobile.
  • Baby-soft - Game developer, several games on free download including developers and publishers developers and publishers "Raupe Ab!", "RoundaboutX" and "Mad Cow Martha".

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