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This category is for sites that contain video game music, and information about video game music. Video game music is music of any style that is part of a video game. There is a wide variety of video game music out there, from the early beeps of the Commodore 64, to the CD quality sound of the Sony Playstation. The music is divided into sub-categories based on the file type of the music (MIDI, WAV, MP3, etc.)

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See Also:
  • VG Music - One of the largest video game midi databases music on the net.
  • A Brief Timeline of Video Game Music - GameSpot article on the industry and its history to 2001.
  • VORC - Information and message boards dealing with various music topics.
  • Micromusic - A community of composers and game fans. Provides games an online radio, FAQs, downloads, message boards, and games shopping.
  • Galbadia Hotel - A video game music and media resource.
  • Game Music Revolution - CD information database and news page devoted to games game music.
  • A Game Music Box - Contains SID, NSF, and SPC files for C64, NES and music Super NES.
  • Riulyn's RPG Sheet Music Shrine - Contains piano sheet music for video games, mainly games RPGs.
  • ChocoboSheets - Contains sheet music from various games and anime video games series.
  • RPGamers Network: Game Music - Includes a large database of FTP sites containing video game games music.
  • Game Music Hall - Soundtracks from a large collection of games. Includes music a player music and downloads.
  • The Game Music Galaxy - MIDIs and MP3s from Super Nintendo, Playstation and games Nintendo 64 music games.
  • RabiteMan's Game Music - Includes sheet music and MIDI and MOD downloads.
  • Capowski's Li'l Game Music Review Corner - Critiques of Final Fantasy, Lunar, and Chrono Trigger video games CDs.
  • Gametabs - Video game guitar tablature from a wide range of games video games and consoles.
  • Video Games Live - A concert series (held at venues around the games world) featuring music live orchestrated music from video games.
  • Game Music Ring - Webring for sites dedicated to music.

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