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Castlevania DS (working title), for the Nintendo DS.

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  • GameSpy DS - Preview, by Christian Nutt: "Really, as much as hype is castlevania series a disease fomented by the web, there\\'s very little doubt castlevania series that Castlevania DS will, at the very least, rise to castlevania series the quality level of the enjoyable Aria of Sorrow and castlevania series look great while doing it.&quo
  • Gaming Target - Preview, by John Scalzo: "The DS\\' wireless connection castlevania - dawn castlevania series of sorrow is also set to get a workout with castlevania castlevania series - dawn of sorrow Castlevania DS as Konami has said part castlevania series of castlevania - dawn of sorrow the game will revolve around castlevania series collecting souls of castlevania - dawn of sorrow defeated enemies to castlevania series gain new attacks. These souls castlevania - dawn of sorrow can castlevania series then be traded ov

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