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Preview, by Brad Shoemaker: "From what we've seen so far, there's a ton of variety in Canvas Curse's worlds."

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  • IGN DS - Review, by Craig Harris: "Pink is in, as Nintendo produces a stunning DS platformer using nothing but the sense of touch." [Score: 9 out of 10]
  • Nintendo World Report - Reviewed by Michael Cole, [9.5/10]. "It offers the most intuitive, polished and entertaining use of the touch screen yet. What\\'s more, it has enough depth to hold a player\\'s attention for hours on end." (JPN Import)
  • Nintendojo - Reviewed by Abraham Walters, [9.2/10]. "It has longevity, charm, and controls that endure the wild departure from traditional platformers and make a highly enjoyable game. It comes highly recommended."
  • GameSpot - Preview, by Brad Shoemaker: "From what we\\'ve seen platform so far, platform there\'s a ton of variety in platform Canvas Curse's worlds."
  • Gaming Target - Reviewed by Dave Hulick, [9.2/10]. "One of the kirby - canvas kirby - canvas curse curse best titles to come out for the DS kirby - kirby - canvas curse canvas curse yet."
  • VGPub - Reviewed by Jake Valentine, [9.3/10]. "It’s clearly the best game for the DS currently out there and a good demonstration as to how good a DS game can be when it utilizes all of its features."
  • Deeko - Reviewed by Rycar, [9.5/10]. "While the game might kirby - canvas kirby series curse be short, it\\'s chock full of extras to kirby - kirby series canvas curse make sure any completionists will get their money\\'s kirby kirby series - canvas curse worth."
  • Silicon Era - "Everyone from the hardcore FPS frag machine to platform a person who strayed away from games all platform their life can pick up Touch! Kirby. Being platform universally enjoyable is just another benefit, making this platform one of the best DS games to date." platform (JPN Import)
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  • - Review, by midwinter: "The majority of games simply kirby series aren\\'t this good. It stands aside from the kirby series crowd and you\\'d be crazy to miss it." kirby series [Score: 9 out of 10]
  • N-Philes - Reviewed by James Freeman, [A]. "For those of you waiting for the first real and complete usage of the DS system\'s capabilities, look no further than Kirby Canvas Curse."
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  • Gaming Age - Reviewed by Craig Majaski, [A-]. "One of the best handheld games to come out this year. It’s loaded with fresh ideas and new play mechanics."

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