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Collection of data on the enemies that Mario and Luigi face in their adventures. Includes sample monster, monster archives, and gender equality sections.

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  • FilePlanet - Offers gameplay movies and trailers.
  • Super Mario Bros. Monster Compendium - Collection of data on the enemies that Mario video games and platform Luigi face in their adventures. Includes sample video games monster, monster platform archives, and gender equality sections.
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  • Boo Mansion - News, reference, and discussion for the Super Mario Bros. series.
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  • The Quest for the Fastest Mario Time - An essay on the strategies, background, theories for Super Mario Brothers 1.
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  • Toad's Castle - Including guides, fan art, fan fiction, reviews, comics, trivia, and mario games forums.
  • The Luigi Awareness Society - Dedicated Luigi. Includes pictures, information, and chat.
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  • Lovely Peach - Dedicated to Princess Peach Toadstool.

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