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After his success in Manic Miner, Miner Willy bought a big house and became Jet Set Willy. He held a massive party, and the housekeeper Maria won't let him go to bed until he has collected all the mess.

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  • ZX Spectrum Software - A history of the Jet Set Willy revival. miner willy games jet set willy series Also downloads of new versions "Join the Jet-Set!" miner willy games jet set willy series and "Jet-Set Willy in Space", with Gameboy conversions miner willy games jet set willy series of them.
  • Scottige's Jet Set Willy - Includes A Very Willy Christmas versions 1 and 2.
  • Top Hat Willy Appreciation Page - Page devoted to the classic Amiga platform game Top Hat jet set willy series Willy.
  • Top Hat Willy - A variant of Jet Set Willy for the downloads PC by Tero Heikkinen, requires a machine no downloads slower than 166MHz.
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  • JSW Remakes - A list of the various remakes of the game.
  • Geoff's Jet Set Willy - Details of some improvements to the basic engine, links to some Perl utilities, and four new games: The Fourth Remix; Willy the Hacker; Willy takes a Trip; and ZX Willy the Bug Slayer.

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