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Sonic the Hedgehog is the world's fastest hedgehog, and has been in some of the most popular Sega games. He originally was exclusive to Sega consoles, but now appears on every current major video game system with the release of Sonic Battle for Gameboy Advance and Sonic Heroes for PS2, GameCube and Xbox.

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Team Artail* - Fan art gallery, fan fiction, music, sound clips and information on the games and cartoon.

  • The Green Hill Zone - Series history, game zone descriptions and screens, character sonic the hedgehog games descriptions, and multimedia.
  • NeoPortal Sonic - Offers screenshots of the games.
  • Sonic HQ - Contains information on the games, comics, cartoons, downloads, fan fiction, video games and music.
  • Sonic Oasis - Offers information, pictures, music, image galleries, and links.
  • Sonicology - Prototypes, hacks, cheats, glitches and zone data.
  • The Sonic Stadium - News, information, forums, and chat.
  • The Sonic Foundation - News, information, music, art, and fiction.
  • Shadow of a Hedgehog - Images, music, and resources.
  • Sonic Metropolis - Game secrets, FAQs, music, and message boards.
  • The Sonic Center - Time Attack competitions and information.
  • Sonic World - Background information on the games and cartoons. Offers video games MIDIs, fan art and other creations, and forum.
  • Spacecolony ARK - Offers wallpaper, information, and screenshots.
  • Sonic in Gr - Aimed at Greek Sonic players, though information is sonic the hedgehog games universal. Includes chat, cheats, and downloads.
  • Sonic Zone - Character bios and game data.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Online Fun and Games - Offers sprites, images, and flash games.
  • Sonic Dream - Contains information, secrets and glitches on Sonic Adventure. Fan art and fiction is also available.
  • Sonic Online 2 - Contains character profiles, history, and sprites.

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