Archer Maclean's Mercury Puzzle Video Games

Archer Maclean's Mercury, for the PlayStation Portable.

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  • GameZone - Review, by Rob Watkins: "Mercury is a great puzzle game and a worthy contender so far to the others available on the PSP." [Score: 8.1 out of 10]
  • IGN PSP - Preview, by Nix: "The simplicity of the game archer maclean\'s mercury is the big question left remaining after this archer maclean\'s mercury first play-test."
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  • GameSpy PSP - Review, by Christian Nutt: "When Mercury is at puzzle its best, archer maclean's mercury it\\'s an elegantly simple and addictive puzzle action-puzzler. When it\\'s at archer maclean's mercury its worst, it\\'s like puzzle a tedious pop quiz from an archer maclean's mercury unpredictable, bad-tempered puzzle teacher." [Score: 3.5 out of 5]
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  • Gaming Age - Review, by Jim Cordeira: "It doesn’t really have video games the endless appeal of something like Lumines, Puyo video games Pop or Tetris, but the problem solving, logical video games puzzles and interesting physics make it nonetheless enjoyable." video games [Grade: C+]

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