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Review, by Greg Kasavin: "You wouldn't think a game about arranging colored blocks into rectangles could be this interesting and this engrossing." [Score: 9 out of 10]

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  • GameSpy PSP - Review, by Ryan O\\'Donnell: "The combination of catchy puzzle tunes, pretty pictures, and addicting, simple to pick-up puzzle and play mechanics, is simply perfect for passing puzzle the time. If you\\'ve already decided to leap puzzle into the wonderful world of the PlayStation P
  • NTSC-uk - Review, by Stuart Peake: "Lumines adds an element of real lumines panache to a genre not particularly renowned for its beauty, lumines and is very compelling." [Score: 9 out of 10]
  • GameSpot - Review, by Greg Kasavin: "You wouldn\\'t think a game about video games arranging colored blocks into rectangles could be this interesting and video games this engrossing." [Score: 9 out of 10]
  • 1UP - Review, by Jeremy Parish: "While not the most immediately impressive video games PSP launch title, its depth and addictiveness make it likely video games to be the most enduring." [Score: 9.5 out of 10]
  • Eurogamer - Japanese import review, by Rob Fahey: "If puzzle video games games puzzle grab you at all, this is a video games must-have PSP puzzle title - which misses out on video games being a nine puzzle only as a result of video games the frustrating bugs in puzzle the game." [Score: 8 video games out of 10]
  • IGN PSP - Review, by Nix: "Lumines stands absolutely as one of the lumines brightest stars in the puzzle field in a long, long lumines time." [Score: 8.6 out of 10]
  • PSX Extreme - Review, by Aaron Thomas: "In the end, Lumines is a lumines solid puzzle game, but it really stands out from others lumines in the genre due to its distinctive style." [Score: 8.9 lumines out of 10]

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